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Transportation: Aircraft

These sites are about the history of aviation. Includes photographs of different types of aircraft, principles and concepts of flight and plane construction, women in aviation, and how to construct paper airplanes. An eThemes Resource on the Wright Brothers is linked.


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Great information and images provided in various levels of comprehension. This site covers everything from history of aircraft to the aerodynamics of sports.
This site offers a great introduction lesson on aviation. It defines aviation, explains the four forces that act on a plane in flight, lists the names and functions of the surfaces of an airplane, and has numerous experiments that the students can try.
During World War II, women began seeking more active roles to contribute to the war effort. Many became test pilots. Includes primary documents such as letters and wartime video of the B-29. Also includes resources for teachers and discussion questions.
These lesson and activities sheets cover the effects of differents launch angles on properties such as drag and lift.
Learn how math and paper airplane design are really related. This ThinkQuest includes step-by-step paper airplane construction and basic geometry concepts.
Explore what airplanes are used for today.
A timeline beginning with the 1700s, mostly text with smaller images. For more images, click on Image Gallery in the navigation tree on the left.
What are the major areas that engineers must consider in aircraft design?
This museum of the invention of the airplane includes a short film clip of the Wright Brothers in "Photo and Movie Gallery." There is a downloadable Wright Flight Simulator.
These sites tell about military aviation. Most sites are media-rich and include images and videos of different aircraft.
These sites have classroom activity ideas and unit plans about aviation. Learn how aircraft fly and try to solve word problems and other mathematical equations relating to aviation. Download a flight simulator to navigate your own aircraft. Includes a link to an eTheme on Aviation: Military Aircraft.
These sites are about the Wright Brothers and their earliest airplanes. There are biographies on Wilbur and Orville that tell about their childhoods and work with flyers. Discover what inspired them and how they built planes. Includes historical photographs, movies, diaries, interviews, and simulations. There is an eThemes Resource on Transportation: Aircraft linked.

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