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Holiday: Easter

These sites are about Easter and the symbols associated with the holiday. There are online games, activities, and puzzles. Includes many craft ideas and free clip art. Try some egg-related math problems.


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This site has games, puzzles, online stories, and crafts. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here are several hands-on craft activities and projects for spring and Easter. Includes printouts and letterhead.
Read the history behind the Easter Monday Egg Roll at the White House.
This site for older students explains how the date for Easter is calculated and includes a listing of past and future Easters. There are instructions for determining the date of Easter on a calculator. NOTE: The reading level may be too difficult for elementary students. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Use your creation to decorate Easter eggs online. Just drag and drop.
Choose from six Easter themed pictures to color in online and you can print the pictures out. To color the pictures, click a color palette and click on the pictures to paint the color.
There are various activities and online games for Easter to choose from. For example, interactive color book pages, concentration games, crafts, poems, short stories, and more. Note: This site includes ads.
This lesson plan, students will learn about integration, graphing, and geometric through Easter egg.
Students will learn about addition and subtraction through finding Easter eggs game.
Play a game and see how many Easter eggs you can collect. Note: This site includes ads.



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