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Native Americans: Osage Tribe

Learn about the culture, clothing, and customs of the Osage Indians. View photographs and read primary documents that describe this tribe. Includes a Missouri Heritage video.


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The Osage Tribe's official site includes the tribe's history under "Our History." Also explore the photo gallery for current pictures.
Read a history of the Osage Tribe. NOTE: The site has external links, including a message board, that teachers should be aware of.
Scroll down to find the video "Gateway West" in the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series. This video discusses Missouri being purchased from the Osage Indians in 1808.
This site offers a good explanation about the Osage Tribe's location, clothing, housing, and ceremonies.
Read about one traveler's experience attending an Osage ceremonial dance in Oklahoma.
View a photograph of former President Coolidge posing with Osage Indians. Click to see an enlarged view. The text explains about the legislation that gave Native Americans the right to vote.
Read a first-hand account of a Kansas settler's experience with Osage Indians.
Read the official treaty of 1839 between the U.S. government and the Osage Indians.

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