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Science Fair Projects: Ideas and Organization

Some of these sites offer ideas for science experiments for kids. Other sites present more investigative ideas and guidelines for science fair projects. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the scientific method.


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This site provides information on project ideas and how to carry out and organize a project. Parent and science fair coordinator information is also given.
Use this site for ideas and step-by-step instruction on organizing a project. Note: This site contains advertising.
An animated introduction to a middle school science fair. Students will learn procedure and tips on organizing a project.
Share this site with students to direct them to prepare projects using 21st Century Learning technologies. Teacher Tube videos on Science Fairs are available.
This site offers a collection of experiments in different subjects that you can do at home or online. Click on "Try It Offline" for the objectives and all the details.
This is a popular site that explains the science behind everyday things. NOTE: The site includes ads.
From the Internet Public Library Web site, this is a great starting place for students beginning a science fair project. It includes lots of links to outside sources that will explain concepts relating to science fairs, including scientific method, project ideas, and more.
Learn about the different sections of a science fair project.
This teacher shares ideas on "How Do I Get to the Science Fair?"
Look at one way to design your project board. NOTE: The site includes ads.
The guidebook has ten science fair projects on energy. The entire guidebook can be downloaded as a PDF file.
This store provides science fair guidelines on their home page.
Teachers, students, and parents should read this explanation of what is really important in a science fair.
This site is for students of all ages. Find out what makes a good science fair project. There are links to biology, botany, chemistry, and physical science projects. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites describe the general method used in scientific research. They also include the research process, the role and purpose of theory, ideas for science projects, online experiments, and science history.

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