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Lewis and Clark Expedition: York

These sites contain information on York, William Clark’s slave on the Corps of Discovery. York was the first African American to cross what is now the United States from coast to coast. Includes several journal entries which refer to York during the expedition. There is information about a future statue to honor York in Louisville. An eThemes Resource on the Lewis and Clark Expedition is linked.


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Read an in-depth article about the only African American in Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery, York.
Find who York was, what contributions he made to the Lewis & Clark expedition, what the indian's response to York was, and how York felt at the end of the expedition.
Learn more about William Clark's man-servant, York.
This PBS site discusses York and the mention of him in Clark's journals from the expedition. NOTE: The site briefly mentions embellished stories of York's sexual activities on the expedition.
Here is a list of books on Lewis and Clark as well as York that teachers may want to use in their classrooms.
Read about York and other members of the Corp of Discovery that were supposidly from Kentucky.
See how York was honored during the bicentennial of the Corps of Discovery.
Learn about Corps of Discovery led by Lewis and Clark and their journey that began in Missouri. View the Louisiana Purchase and other documents from that time period. Includes an eMINTS WebQuest on Lewis and Clark as well as a video from the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series.

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