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Web Design: Free Clip Art and Photographs

This is a collection of copyright-free illustrations and photographs that can be downloaded and used on classroom and personal Web sites. Themes include school, animals, people, holidays, and more. These sites were chosen because they have little or no advertising and offer a good selection of images. Please read all copyright and use information before downloading the images.


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Choose free images from the Library of Congress' collection.
Select from a pool of content that can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, within the boundaries of copyright law.
Select from illustrations, photos, animations and more.
Choose free images from an index of topics.
Choose images from this collection of clip art and stock photography.
Most of the images on NARA's site are in the public domain. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions by clicking on the "Permission" link at bottom. The photographs in "Picturing the Century" include World War II, Vietnam, and outer space.
This page offers advice for using copyright-free images from the Web.
These free images include photographs of people and animals. They are not organized by topic, so scroll down to view.
This site has an extensive collection of historic photographs. Many of the collections are under copyright, but allow for free educational use. Read the "Copyright and Restrictions" information for each collection you choose.
This site has a gallery of copyright-free photographs on a variety of topics, including animals, the human body, Native Americans, and many more. There are also lesson plans that make use of the images.
This is a collection of free photographs maintained by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. You can type in a search word or click on "Collections" at the bottom and browse. Many images are of animals or nature.
This is a collection of 20,000 copyright-free images. Click on "The Collections" to begin browsing by subject. Topics include storms, tornadoes, seas, the Antarctic, animals, sunsets, and fish.
This website includes clip art and icons. Includes holiday clip art, school related clip art, food clip art, and more.
Discovery's clip art gallery is divided by educational subjects.

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