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Maine: State Natural Resources

Learn about the natural resources found in the state of Maine. Find out about Maine’s national parks, forests, lobster industry, and more. Learn about common animals and birds found in the state and why some of them are used as part of the state symbol. There is also a link to another eThemes Resource on Maine facts.


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A set of links to natural resources experts in areas such as beekeeping, marine, and climate.
Learn how to protect trees from insect and disease damage and how to identify what is wrong with a tree or forest.
Learn more about policies and initiatives that will improve Maine's air quality and reduce global warming pollution, protect and restore Maine's lakes, rivers, and streams, woods, wildlife, and wilderness and more.
Find out trivia facts about Maine and its natural resources.
Learn about the history of Saint Croix Island for the past four centuries. View the landmarks maps and click on the "Teachers Trunks" link in the Education section for booklets, activities, and lesson plans.
Learn about Acadia National Park. Click on the "Acadia Fast Facts" to find out about the parks acreage, air quality, lake depths, and mountains heighth. Visit the photo gallery to view images of plants and animals in Acadia.
Find out the forecast for Maine or a selected county.
Learn about whales, fish, mussels, crabs, and lobsters in Maine's waters. Explore link on the page to read articles on various marine creatures and view their photographs.
Find out how fishermen catch lobsters in Maine. Learn about special equipment, tools, and ways of handling lobster. Use links on the left for site navigation. Includes facts about lobsters and photographs.
Learn history, state symbols, statistics, fun facts and trivia about the state of Maine. Explore the state maps and trace the borders. Includes games, quizzes, and a lesson plan. There are links to eThemes Resources on Maine government and the state flag.

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