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Habitat: Deserts

Learn about the climate and general characteristics of desert habitats that are located on several continents. There is information about the Great Basin in Utah, a cold desert. Includes maps and charts. There are links to eThemes Resources on desert animals, desert survival, and an overview of habitats.


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This site from Missouri Botanical Gardens is all about deserts. Learn where they are found and what lives in them. Use the links on the left.
A description of the different types of deserts and the climate found there.
This page has wonderful photographs of sand dunes with an explanation of how they are formed.
This ThinkQuest tells about desertification, types of deserts, dangers of deserts, and more. Also includes a map of the world's deserts.
This ThinkQuest tells all about desert climates, animals, plants, and the future of deserts. "Rack Your Brain" is a desert quiz. The subject headings at the top are links to these topics.
This chart gives the location, size, and topography of the world's major deserts.
This site is about nomads who live in the Sahara Desert. Read about their way of life.
Read about different types of deserts and where they are located. There is also a lot of information about the types of animals that live in deserts.
Use the links on the left to read about the animals and plants that live in Utah's Great Basin National Park, which is a cold desert.
These sites are about the different animals that live in desert habitats. These creatures can be found in deserts in North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Sites include images, video, and audio. eThemes Resources on desert habitats, desert survival, and food chains are included.
These sites offer tips on how to survive in the desert. Topics include preparation, supplies, and what to do if you become stranded. Includes information about the Paris-Dakar Rally race that goes through the Sahara Desert. Includes links to eThemes Resources on desert habitats and desert animals.
This resource covers the different ecosystems on our planet. Find out how these biomes differ, what characteristics make them unique, and where they are located. Includes a map of the different habitats found in Missouri. There are links to eThemes Resources on specific habitats plus one on animal food chains. There is an eMINTS WebQuest linked about animals and their habitats.

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