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Missouri Regions: Chariton Valley

Explore the small towns and attractions in Missouri’s Chariton Valley Region. Find out about the history and economic development of this north-central area. Learn about Marceline’s favorite hometown hero, Sumner’s boast of being the “Wild Goose Capital of the World,” and Brunswick’s claim to fame with the world’s largest pecan. There is also information about Omar Bradley and John Pershing, famous war heroes from this region. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource that provides an overview of Missouri’s regions.


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Marceline, Missouri, is proud to claim Walt Disney as a former resident. Discover how Walt Disney used Marceline in the creation of Main Street at Walt Disney World. To read information on Walt Disney, click on "Disney Stuff." To link to the Disney site, click the "Main Street USA" icon in the middle of the page.
Discover two very large pecans - one in Brunswick, Missouri, and the other in Seguin, Texas.
From the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine comes the Still National Osteopath Museum, located in Kirksville, Missouri. Read the life history of Andrew Taylor Still or take a panoramic view of the Museum's Grayson Smith Period Room.
Learn about the Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge on this page. Includes "Refuge Facts," "Natural History," the number of annual visitors, and more.
Find out what this state park has to offer. For more information, click on the links to the left of the screen.
Learn about the life of General John J. Pershing on this site. Click on "General Information" for more discussion or take a look at the "Photo Gallery."
Discover what kind of wildlife and scenery awaits those who visit the Pershing State Park. This park is said to be part of "the land that Pershing loved to roam in his youth."
This page is about Missouri war hero Gen. John Pershing. Scroll down to read a complete biography and to see pictures.
Read a brief the history of this covered bridge, one of four in Missouri.
Located in Chillicothe, Missouri, this museum offers lots of local history for visitors.
Born in Clark, Missouri, this war hero was known as the "soldier's general." Find out information about his life and military career on this site. Includes pictures.
Find out about attractions and events in the city of Chillicothe, Missouri. Use the links at the top and at left to navigate. Includes photos.
Explore this site to find statistics about economic development and employment in northwest Missouri. Some of the information can be used for graphing.

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