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Literature Awards: Beehive Award Nominees for Young Adult Books 2003-2004

Here is information about the nominees for Utah’s Beehive Literature Awards for young adults. There are biographies of the authors, lesson plans, excerpts, and reviews of the books.


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Scroll down to see a list of books nominated for the Beehive Award in previous and current years. The competition's former name is the Utah Children's Book Awards.
Read about the writer of "Stormbreaker." Click on "See Author Video" to watch a short clip of Horowitz talking to students.
Here is a biography and interview of the nominated author of "What My Mother Doesn't Know." Click on "What My Mother Doesn't Know" to read a review of the book.
Here is the author's official site. Click on "Biography" to read about her life. Scroll down to read about the nominated book, "Once Upon A Marigold."
Here is a lesson plan for the nominated book. Click on "Biography" to read about the author Andrew Clements.
Read a biography of the nominated author of "Goddess of Yesterday." Click on "Interview Transcript" to learn more about her in her own words.
Read an excerpt from the nominated book. Click on "Reader's Guide" for an activity and discussion questions.
Here is a biography of the nominated author. Click on "Booklist" to find out what books she has written.
This is a two-page PDF teacher's guide for the nominated book. Includes a chart for students to fill out characters' descriptions, conflicts, a line from a poem, and a prediction.
Here is the nominated author's official site. Click on "Biographical Info" and "Interview" to read about his life. There is also an address where you can send mail. Click on "Books" to learn more about "Lord of the Nutcracker Men."
Here is an excerpt from the book. Click on "Reader's Guide" for some discussion questions.
Read a review of the book written by a teen. Click on "Read an Excerpt" to read from the book.
Here are activities to go along with the book "Comfort."

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