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Math: History

These sites for high school students have information on Fibonacci and other mathematicians. Explore time lines and data bases. Learn about some famous problems in the history of mathematics. Includes links to eThemes resources on Einstein and Kepler.


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This article on Fibonacci is from an internet magazine to promote practical applications of mathematics.
Read this biography of Fibonacci.
Here are just a few of the famous problems: "The Bridges of Konigsberg," "The Value of Pi," and "Famous Paradoxes."
Look at this extensive database of mathematicians and math history topics.
Read about "Profiles of 500 Black Mathematicians" and "Black Women in Math Sciences" as well as many more topics.
This site has extensive information on women in mathematics. Read about Danica McKellar, mathematician and actress.
Students can click on "A Timeline of African American Physicists." The main page of the site is arranged chronologically.
Learn about the Pythagorean relationship in this self-paced lesson.
Learn about one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century - Albert Einstein. Read about his life, discoveries, and theories. Learn here about two parts of the Relativity Theory: Special Relativity and General Relativity. Many of these sites include audio files, quizzes, animations, 3D simulations, and photographs.
Learn about the renowned mathematician and astronomer who discovered the laws of planetary motion, calculated the birth year of Christ, and found celestial mechanics. Find out about his life and discoveries. Learn the three laws of orbiting bodies revealed by the scientist in 17th century. Includes images, animations, and interactive Java applets.

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