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Animals: Paint Horses

Learn about paint horses and their different types of colorful coats. There is a video, photographs, and games. Learn the difference between “paint” and “pinto.” Included is a link to an eThemes Resource on horses.


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This interactive site includes games, activities, paint horse history, information about paint horse colors and patterns, parts of the horse, and a glossary. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This page includes a brief description of the paint horse plus an illustration that can be colored online.
Watch this short video showing a foal.
What is the difference between a paint horse and a pinto? Find out about that and more on this breed profile page.
This page has descriptions of the different paint coat patterns and example illustrations.
Here is an overview of paint horse genetics. Learn why some paint horses have blue eyes. Additional information is available as PDF downloads.
Learn about different horse breeds and how to properly groom and feed a horse. Includes many photographs a video, online games, coloring pages, and trivia questions.

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