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Holiday: Passover

These sites are about Passover and explain the history and traditions of this Jewish holiday. Learn about the steps involved in having a seder, the symbolism behind the foods that are served, and what foods are not acceptable to eat. There are craft ideas, songs, clip art, and Passover e-mail greeting cards. Includes a link to eThemes Resources on Hanukkah and Easter.


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Read basic information about the Jewish holiday of Passover. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Learn about the Passover symbols, how to prepare for a seder, and Passover songs. Includes a list of children's books on Passover.
Read the secular story of HanuKat and MatZebra to learn about the concept of freedom, which is relevant to the Passover story. Includes printouts for having a Matzo hunt.
Learn about the six dishes for the six symbols of the Passover seder.
This article explains what foods Jewish people avoid during Passover. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read how the dates for Passover and Easter are chosen each year. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This page is about the Jewish calendar and holidays. Click on "Next Topic" to continue reading.
Choose a design and enter your message to send a Passover greeting. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read about the history of Passover. Includes printable pages, craft ideas, and a link to send Passover e-mail greeting cards. NOTE: The site includes ads. Some of the external links lead to sites that are part of webrings.
Click on "For Kids" to read the Passover story. Click on "Study" for more information on Passover topics. "Multimedia" includes videos, songs, and games.
These sites tell about the history and traditions of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah (Chanukah). There are several online games, including spin the dreidel, plus audio and video files relating to this holiday.
These sites are about Easter and the symbols associated with the holiday. Play online games or print out puzzles. Includes many craft ideas and free clip art. Try some egg-related math problems.



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