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Math: Journals

These sites offer tips on how to help students write their reflections about mathematics in a journal. Includes writing prompts, examples, lesson plans, and rubrics.


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This three-page PDF includes writing prompts to use with Math journals.
Not sure about the logistics of using journals in your Math classroom? This list of FAQs will help answer some basic questions about how to incorporate writing in your math curriculum.
Choose from among 30 ideas for how to use math journals. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Learn more about using writing in the Math Classroom, specifically getting started with Math writing, making the connection between speaking and writing, and more information on writing in Math class.
Use this one-page PDF rubric to assess your students' Mathematical writing.
Use this three-page PDF to assist you in scaffolding writing in the Math classroom.
Find out about the benefits of using a daily math journal. Includes examples of math journal problems.
Here is a lesson plan for third-fifth graders to practice problem solving strategies through writing and reasoning in math journals.
This site offers tips for teachers on how to use math journals. Includes two lesson plans.
This is a two-page PDF file filled with writing prompts for students to write about in their math journals.
This lesson plan teaches young students how to compare and analyze data and how to write conclusions in their journals.
This page for educators discusses many uses and benefits of math journals.
This two-page PDF file gives teachers an overview of the benefits of using math journals. Included are feedback examples of how to evaluate students' writings.

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