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Literature: "Sarah, Plain and Tall" and "Skylark" by Patricia Maclachlan

These sites have activities and discussion questions about “Sarah, Plain and Tall” and its sequel, “Skylark.” Also includes information about author Patricia Maclachlan, the state of Maine, and life on the prairie. There are links to an eMINTS WebQuest and eThemes Resources on grasslands, book activities, and character traits.


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What if there was a 10th chapter for the book? Read these students' versions.
This site has a list of questions and vocabulary terms to accompany each chapter.
This is a list of recipients of the Scott O'Dell Historical Fiction Award.
Learn more about the state of Maine from the Secretary of State's site.
Try these interactive vocabulary exercises for the book "Sarah, Plain and Tall."
Try this online quiz about "Sarah, Plain and Tall."
Read the book summary and then use the links on the left for a classroom activity and vocabulary builder ideas. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read a book review of "Skylark." NOTE: This site contains ads.
The author discusses how she gets ideas for writing and offers some writing tips to students.
This site has chapter summaries, weekly lesson plans, and activity ideas for the book "Skylark."
This site has a map indicating the drought conditions across the United States.
Explore this site to view photographs of the different types of wildflowers and grasses that grow on the prairie.
These hands-on activities can be used to supplement almost any book. Includes class activities to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary. Includes a link to eThemes Resource on story elements.
These sites have information about the different types of grassland habitats found throughout the world. Includes savannas, prairies, and steppes. Learn more about the climate and wildlife that are found in these ecosystems. There is also information about grasslands in Missouri. An eThemes Resource on habitats is included.
These sites focus on character traits and include lists of adjectives that students can use to improve their writing. There are also many activity ideas for having students identify the traits of main characters in stories. Includes lesson plans, graphic organizers, and a link to an eThemes Resource on adjectives.

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