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Science: Bubbles and Water Tension

How to make bubbles, the history of bubbles, and different bubble formula recipes.


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Learners discover that soap can be used to power a boat, by changing the water's surface tension and movement of water molecule
In this science experiment, students discover what secret ingredient added to soap creates a super bubble.
This site contains severeal pictures of bubbles. Read about the science behind bubbles and bubble making. NOTE: This site has a link that leads to a discussion board.
Ever seen a square bubble? Here is your chance to see and create them. Other great information and pictures of bubbles are included.
What is an antibubble? Find out the answer and how to make one. This site include pictures.
Not all bubbles are made with soap. Try this experiment.
Everything you ever wanted to know about bubbles can be found here. It is designed with students in mind. NOTE: This site has a link that leads to a forum.
This site provides instructions on how to build an easy bubble-blowing machine.
This site provides techniques for enhancing your bubble blowing skill. NOTE: This site has links to ads.
This experiment helps students learn about the colors in bubbles.
Read the article to learn if bubbles can be blown in outer space. You can select to display the article according to prior knowledge level.

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