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Reading Skills: Fact and Opinion

These web sites describe how to tell the difference between fact and opinion. There are sites that explain the differences and give examples of value words. Includes quizzes, a PowerPoint presentation, worksheets, and lesson plans.


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This website will tell you how to determine the difference between facts and opinions.
Learn how you can evaluate whether a statement is a fact or opinion. There is also a list of clue words.
Try this fun Jeopardy game created as a PowerPoint presentation to learn more about facts and opinions.
Try this PowerPoint activity and see if you can figure out the concept.
This is a fact and opinion worksheet on spiders. NOTE: The site requires membership and it also includes ads. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
This interactive quiz has ten statements. Decide whether they are fact or opinion.
Try this quiz. Decide whether each statement is a fact or opinion.
This is another online quiz in which you identify facts and opinions.
This one-page PDF can help students write a paragraph or essay. They will choose a topic and then write some facts and opinions about that topic.

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