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Animals: Butterflies and Monarch Migration

These are sites provide information on the life cycle, habitats, and behaviors of butterflies. View images and see the distribution of various butterfly species. Learn about wildlife migration and why it occurs. Several sites focus on monarch butterflies and their annual migration. An eMINTS WebQuest on monarch butterflies and their life cycle is linked.


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This site provides information on butterfly behaviors, metamorphosis, and more. Click on "Make Your Own Butterfly House" to learn how to make a butterfly house and how to keep a butterfly in the house. Photos are included.
This site provides activities and classroom ideas related to butterflies. NOTE: This site has an online store.
This site allows you to look up butterfly species found in each state and in many counties. You can search by name, browse the image gallery, or click on an interactive map for pictures and information about each species. NOTE: Reading level is for older students. This site includes Google ads.
What do butterflies like to eat? Once you have decided what plants you need for your garden, this site shows you what to look for and how to add some finishing touches to your garden.
This site focuses mostly on caterpillars, or pre-adult stages of butterflies, and their associated plants. There are lots of up-close images.
This colorful site explores the colors, patterns, and shapes of butterfly wings in different species. NOTE: Reading level is for older students, but there are very high quality images.
This interactive site covers many aspects of butterflies including butterfly species, butterfly gardens, a glossary, and an educational game on metamorphosis.
Learn about migration on this site. Read about the migration of butterflies and birds, and why animals migrate. There is also in depth information about monarch butterflies.
This site provides numerous migration resources for students and teachers including how to track monarch migration, and facts, questions, and answers about monarch migration. Check "Migration Updates" for the latest updates on the monarch migration and sightings.
This site is the most extensive resource on monarchs and their migration. This site presents the biology and life cycle of the monarch as well as why monarchs may be facing extinction and how you can help save them. Go to the "Multimedia Gallery."
Monarch Magic is a WebQuest designed to research, observe, and write about the life of a monarch butterfly. The goal is for students to research the four stages of the life cycle, to find out where monarch's migrate after they become adults, and to be able to write a butterfly biography explaining what they have learned. This is an eMINTS WebQuest.
This site contains up-to-date information on the monarch migration, including audio broadcasts, photos, and written reports. Move the slider on the interactive map to see where the monarchs are on a given date. NOTE: This site links to a blog and comments page.
Along with this article on the dangers of deforestation for the monarch population, you can watch three short videos or listen to an extended audio interview with butterfly researcher Chip Taylor.

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