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Literature: "Sign of The Beaver" by Elizabeth George Speare

These sites include book reviews, author information, and sample activities to go along with the book. Learn about Native Americans in Maine. There are also online games and quizzes.


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These resources for Elizabeth George Speare's "The Sign of the Beaver" include background information and suggestions for classroom discussions.
This list of resources for teachers includes links to: tribal websites, Passamaquoddy sites, Micmac sites, Penobscot sites, and other links.
See what the author has to say about where she got the idea for this story.
Choose the best word from the list to complete each sentence about the book.
A simple introduction to several native tribal nations of Maine.
Maine Native Americans are famous for their basket-making skills. Read the chapter and get to know more about this tradition. Click on "Enter Virtual Exhibit" to see photos of crafts and a map.
Learn facts about the state of Maine, including its trees and state symbols. Listen to the state song. Read about state parks and view a timeline. Click on the pink balloon at the top to play some interactive games.

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