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Missouri: New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-12

Learn about the New Madrid fault line and the earthquakes that hit the area in 1811-1812. Includes maps, documents, statistics, and photographs. Read about the history of Reelfoot Lake, a lake formed by the earthquake. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Natural Disaster: Earthquakes.


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This page from the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI) in Memphis, Tennessee, is filled with facts and data in simple language. Data includes the number of deaths associated with earthquakes and the energy equivalents of earthquakes. Scroll down to number 11 to read about the New Madrid earthquake.
Get up-to-the-hour notification of earthquakes in the United States.
View a photograph of trees in Tennessee effected by the 1811-1812 earthquakes.
View a photograph that shows a tree that was effected by the New Madrid earthquake.
This page from the Virtual Times Site is a letter written by a New Madrid resident in 1816 that describes the New Madrid earthquakes.
This page from the Virtual Times Site is an account of the earthquake from a Kentucky resident.
Read a list of the 15 largest earthquakes in the United States with links to brief descriptions of the quakes. New Madrid is number two.
These illustrations promote earthquake awareness. Tips are provided by the Canada Geological Survey. Choose topics such as "Earthquakes Canada Home" from the menu on the left.
View these photographs that show the results of the New Madrid earthquake.
Here are some photographs of "Earthquake Lake." Click on "Photo Gallery" to see more photographs of Reelfoot Lake.
Indiana Geological Survey provides information on the New Madrid earthquake. Choose from topics such as "Indiana Earthquakes", "Prehistoric Quakes", "Causes", and many more.
Read the answers to questions posed by two eighth grade students studying the New Madrid Fault Zone.
These sites are about the predictions, safety, causes, and the history of earthquakes. Includes quizzes, animation, and simulations.

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