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Australia: Facts

These sites include information about Australia history, state symbols, economy, geography, culture, as well as fun facts about the country. Learn about Australian words, view national dress, and more. Includes quizzes, worksheets, timelines, and pictures and videos. There are links to eThemes Resource on Continent: Australia and Australian Aborigines.


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Learn quick facts about Australia including geography, nature, history, people and culture, government and economy, from National Geographic. Includes pictures, maps, and videos. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read this online picture book "Australia for Kids" and learn all about the country.
Follow the links to learn about Australia and its exotic animals and Aussie slangs. Includes a history timeline and a quiz.
This page has quick information about Australian geography, states, territories, populations, and more. Click "Label me! Printout on Australia" to get a blank Australian outline map. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Learn some Aussie vocabularies, idioms, and similes through interactive. Includes explanations and origins of the words as well as quizzes.
This page covers facts about Australia such as population, lifestyle, resources, and more.
This site has lots of facts about Australia, including information about the economy, government, people, geography, and a map.
Read this page to find some interesting facts about Australia. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read fun facts about Australia. NOTE: "More history" link is broken.
In this article, you will learn about design influences of Australian national dress and see pictures of the dresses.
Answer a ten-question quiz about Australia and check your answers.
Answer each question correctly to have pictures open in a puzzle.
Answer a ten-question quiz about Australia. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites are about the art and culture of the Australian Aborigines. There are animations, lesson plans, and pictures, as well as information about bark painting, Dreamtime stories, and the didjeridu instrument. Some sites have audio files so students can listen to the didjeridu. There are also two maps of the Aborigine land. Includes a link to an eThemes on Australia.
These sites have information about Australia, including its animals, geography, climate, and history. Includes photographs, maps, quizzes, and games, plus a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House. Also includes a link to eThemes Resources on koalas and Australian Aborigines.

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