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Science: Marbles

These sites include many hands-on activities and experiments that use marbles. Some of the topics include force, motion, and energy. Also learn the rules for playing several children’s marble games. Find out how marbles are made and view photographs of different types of marbles.


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In this activity, students design their own "ball bearing" using jar lids, marbles, and other household items.
In this activity blindfolded students use containers filled with marbles to find others via echolocation.
In this fun and hands-on astronomy activity learners explore how mass curves space, how an object with more mass will curve more space, why things fall to Earth, and why all objects will fall at the same rate.
This activity has instructions for making a simple racetrack between two chairs. Marbles are used to demonstrate potential and kinetic energy.
Read these instructions for playing the game of marbles. There is also a link to a variation of this game, plus a short list of types of marbles. NOTE: The site includes an ad.
Play this online game and try to guide the marbles through the maze without hitting the blue bars. Use your arrow keys.
This hands-on activity uses marbles, baking soda, and vinegar to create a submarine that sinks and then rises again.
Scroll down to the middle of the page for an activity using marbles to illustrate the impact of a meteorite.
Read the instructions for a marble game in which players try to pick up marbles using chopsticks.
Read a short article about the history of marbles.
This page shows photographs of different types of marbles. NOTE: Site has a link to unmoderated bulletin boards.

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