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Australia: History

These sites are about history and culture of Australia. Find out the discovery of Australia, Gold Rush, and key events in Australian history. Learn how different groups of people have influenced on Australian culture and heritage. Includes quizzes, folklores, photographs, and videos. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Australian Aborigines.


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Learn about different groups of people that call Australia home, their shared values, culture, and more.
Test your knowledge of Australian History with these activities. Includes a crossword, quiz, and word search.
Explore Australian history and culture through a collection of manuscripts, artworks, photographs, and maps. Use a menu on the left to navigate the site.
Explore the collections available at the museum and learn more about history of Australia. Educational resources include: indigenous studies, civics & citizenship, environment and museum studies.
See pictures of Australia's past including: photographs, objects, maps and works of art.
Learn about Australia, its traditions, customs and beliefs through folklores and many stories. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
This site is created for students to learn about Australia and its identity through the celebration of Australia Day. Includes background information, toolkits, activities, timeline, multimedia, and more.
This website provides a downloadable presentation teaching about the gold rush in Australia.
Take a 14-multiple-choice question quiz to test how much you know about Australia's history in the 19th and 20th centuries.
These sites are about the art and culture of the Australian Aborigines. There are animations, lesson plans, and pictures, as well as information about bark painting, Dreamtime stories, and the didjeridu instrument. Some sites have audio files so students can listen to the didjeridu. There are also two maps of the Aborigine land. Includes a link to an eTheme on Australia.

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