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Keyboarding Skills: Junior and High School

These sites have information on keyboarding for junior and high school students. Includes lesson plans, online typing practice programs, and information on ergonomics and the history of typing. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on keyboarding skills for elementary students.


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This online game lets you practice your home row keys by typing the letters as they fall down the screen. The speed is somewhat adjustable. The program may take a minute to load.
"How Stuff Works" explains how a computer keyboard functions.
Learn how to touch type using this program. A free demo is included.
This site contains information on the hazards of keyboarding and ways to improve the situation. Illustrations of correct seating arrangements are included.
View the home row positions or improve your position at the keyboard. Discover the answers to several questions behind keyboarding such as why keys seem to be "mixed up." Includes two links to brief ergonomics information.
Here are tips about warming up your hands before typing. This site shows you how to stretch and exercise your fingers. Includes helpful typing hints as you go through the exercises. Just click "Next Typing Exercise" at the bottom of the page to see other typing exercises.
These sites provide online practice for keyboarding skills. Ideas for class activities about typing are also included.

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