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Author Study: Bill Wallace

These sites feature award-winning author Bill Wallace and his children’s books. There are biographies, activities and reviews for several of his books, including “Coyote Autumn,” “Snot Stew,” and “A Dog Named Kitty.” There is a link to an eThemes Resource on story elements.


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Read about the author the acclaimed children's author Bill Wallace. Includes videos, photos, and more. NOTE: The links near the bottom of the page are broken.
Watch this brief video book trailer of Bill Wallace's "Pick of the Litter".
Share this book summary of "Pick of the Litter" with your students. Look for more reviewed Bill Wallace titles on this website.
This book review provides a synopsis and artwork by a third grade student. Direct students to this site for more Bill Wallace titles.
Use these discussion questions with students for the novel, "Beauty". Note: This site contains advertising.
This site has information about author Bill Wallace and his book, "Red Dog." Includes a list of his other books.
This page includes a photograph of the author and images of three book covers.
Read about Bill Wallace and the award he won in 2000.
Read a summary of "Pick of the Litter", learn how to set the stage for your lesson, read a review of the book, and choose from a selection of activities.
These sites have hands-on activities and graphic organizers to help students understand the different story elements, including plot, setting, and characterization. Also learn about sequencing and cause and effect. There are links to eThemes Resources on character traits, book activities, and graphic organizers.

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