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Famous People: Thomas Alva Edison

Learn about Thomas Alva Edison, his family, and his inventions. The Wizard of Menlo Park created the concept of the modern research laboratory. Included are eThemes resources on electricity and inventions.


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Students can read this biography and view a diagram of the light bulb. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Students can view photographs and several stories on Edison. A timeline is provided to compare Edison's work with other events of the early twentieth century.
Read events of Edison's life and try an experiment by clicking on "Make a Light Bulb."
Students can read this encyclopedia entry on Edison. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has information and photographs about Con Edison, a power company named after Edison.
This is the Edison National Historic Site in New Jersey. Click on "EdiFun" for some articles and a timeline. This site also has some early sound recordings and five short movie clips. Take the "Edison Mental Fitness Test" to see if you could have worked for Thomas Edison.
The Library of Congress provides this collection of motion pictures and sound recordings of the Edison Companies.
Students can read a biography and view maps of "Edison's New Jersey." This site also has a detailed biography of Edison.
Students can view a timeline of Edison's life, information on currents, light bulbs, and batteries. Also included are musical recordings and a photo gallery. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site is rich with photographs of Edison, his family, and his work.
This Web site compares Edison's light bulb with lighting inventions 100 years later.
This timeline includes photographs and an audio file of Thomas Edison speaking.
This resource provides information on various inventions and inventors. Learn about scientific and just for fun inventions. Play games and answer trivia questions about inventions and patents.
These sites explain nature of current electricity. Here kids can learn about directions of electrons' flow, differences between direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) electricity, and compare current to static electricity. The sites include photos, movies, hands-on activities, lesson plans, and a link to the eThemes Resource on Static Electricity.
These sites have lots of illustrations and animations that demonstrate how electricity, circuits, and batteries work. Learn the difference between conductors and insulators. Includes suggested activities, hands-on experiments, and online quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on electrical safety.

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