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Famous Technological Disasters

Learn about technological disasters that had happened all over the world. Find out how human errors were involved in many tragedies. Read about the ocean liner Titanic, dirigible Hindenburg, space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, tragic accidents in nuclear plants, and much more. Learn about past worries of the Millennium Bug problem and current fears of human cloning. There are links to eThemes resources on the Titanic and Chernobyl disaster. Includes searchable databases of technological disasters, images, video and audio files.


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Here is an online searchable database where students can choose different countries, years, and types of the disasters to view statistical data. Explore sub-links under the "Search Disasters" link on the left to view maps and technological disasters break down.
Read short descriptions about five of the world's most infamous disasters.
Select links under the "Man Made" sections to read about several technological disasters that took place in the United States and lessons learned from them.
Learn about the nuclear disaster known as Three Mile Island. Explore links on this page to find out how a nuclear reactor works, what caused the accident in Pennsylvania, and more. Includes animated step-by-step explanation of the accident. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the nuclear disaster that happened in Chernobyl in 1986. Find out about the causes of the accident and its consequences. View a map of this area and diagrams of the plant. Learn about the effects of radiation and the state of Chernobyl today.
Find out why people were afraid of Y2K problem, or Millennium Bug, on this 1999 web site.
Listen to this eight-minute audio file to learn about the process of cloning and the surrounding problems around cloning. Learn why human cloning is considered by some to be unethical and dangerous.
Find facts and information about two space shuttles disasters. Click on the buttons "Challenger" and "The Recent Columbia" to learn about their missions and crews. Select the "Mission Badges" button to view badges of these unfortunate missions.
Read the transcript of the NASA-Challenger communication during the launch. Click on the "Back to Main Site" link to read more about the disaster and view its photographs.
Find out about several aeronautic disasters in the twentieth century.
Learn about the largest aircraft to fly. View photographs of Hindenburg's interior and its size comparison with Boeing and Titanic.
Read about the Hindenburg tragedy or watch the video. Select the "Play Video" button to view the video clip of the disaster.
These sites are about the RMS Titanic that sank in 1912. Includes information on the building of the ship, the iceberg accident, and its 1985 discovery. There are photographs and biographies of the passengers and crew. Read newspaper articles that covered the disaster and personal accounts from survivors. Includes a photograph of the iceberg believed to have sunk the Titanic.
These sites are about the countries that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States. The following countries are included: Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. There is information about the Chernobyl disaster and the problems with Lake Baikal.

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