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Literature: "The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Catling

Sites about the book “The Chocolate Touch” and suggested activities. There are units on chocolate with hands-on activities to use in the classroom. Includes links to eThemes Resources on chocolate, book activities, and story elements.


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This literature unit includes a daily reading journal, a mixed review, extend activities, book report, analogies, word wall, chapter quizzes and writing prompts, vocabulary activities, and a final quiz.
This ThinkQuest is all about the book. There are seven activities given. For each chapter, there are vocabulary, printable questions, and online questions.
This literature set includes student activities, questions, and links to other resources.
This list contains many different activities having to do with chocolate. Includes math, science, and language arts activities.
Sites cover many aspects of chocolate, including the history of chocolate, cacao plantations, how chocolate is made and why many people crave chocolate. Also includes a virtual tour of a chocolate factory as well as photos, illustrations, interactive games and real audio and video.
These hands-on activities can be used to supplement almost any book. Includes class activities to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.
This resource includes information and hands-on activities about story elements such as setting, characters, and plot. Also includes activities about sequencing and cause and effect.

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