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Find out the benefits of videoconferencing. Learn about different types of videoconferencing, equipment, participating companies, and classroom layouts. Learn how to prepare, plan, set up a room, start and end videoconferencing. Includes images and video files of examples of successful videoconferences, tips for teachers, and in-class projects and activities.


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Learn more about video calling on Skype and download Skype to your computer, mobile or TV.
Browse for answers to your questions on video calling, group video calling and screen sharing on Skype.
Learn more about Google Voice and Video Chat and download to your PC, Mac or Linux system.
Read the short overview of the benefits of using videoconferencing then click on "K thru 12" at the top for interview transcripts about videoconferencing and learn the "Industry Terms". NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site is a part of the Digital Bridges project at the Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NETC). It is designed to help teachers with using videoconferencing in classrooms. It includes information about states where the NETC support is available, examples of videoconferences, and planning information.
This site has instruction for teachers on how to set up and use videoconferencing in the classroom. There is a teachers' guide on how to set up and use videoconferencing in classrooms.
Learn about the benefits of videoconferencing in the classroom. Includes tips for teachers on how to plan, preplan, guest tips, examples of successful videoconferences, and more.
Find out about the technology behind the videoconferencing process.
Learn how to use technology and set up a videoconference in a classroom. NOTE: The site has a link to a message boards.
This commercial web site describes videoconferencing technology, equipment, and companies the produce the necessary software and hardware. Explore links on the right to learn about the need and benefits of videoconferencing. Includes images.
Discover the basics of how to be effective in a videoconference, with some extra attention on video interviews. (Total Running Time: 33:49) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum).

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