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Literature: "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton

These websites are about “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton. There is information about the novel and film, a biography of the author, lesson plans, quizzes, and more. There is also information about social class and stereotypes. Included is an eThemes resource on bullying.


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This site has information about the novel "The Outsiders," and also the movie, stage productions, and TV series. There are interviews with and news articles about S.E.Hinton. NOTE: This site links to an Outsiders fan forum.
Here is S. E. Hinton's official website. There is a biography of the author and synopses of all of her books.
After reading the novel "The Outsiders" students can write a newspaper article and watch the film version in this lesson unit. NOTE: This site contains ads. Note: This site contains ads and has links to a discussion forum.
Students can estimate the geographic distance between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Manhattan, Kansas and gather data on gangs in both areas with this activity. Other geographic locations can be used.
Here are activities for a layered curriculum on "The Outsiders."
This study guide contains review questions for each chapter of the book plus sample essay topics.
This site has resources for students interested in breaking down social barriers at school or in their communities. Here you can learn more about tolerance and inclusion, read stories from other students, or take an online poll.
Read this article about bias, stereotypes, and prejudice. You can test yourself for hidden biases at Project Implicit.
This site is about social class in America. There are video clips, interactive games, and more.
Read these essays about social class in America. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Take a multiple choice quiz to find out what you have learned from the book.
Learn vocabularies in chapter 1-4 from concentration games.
Learn vocabularies in chapter 5-8 from concentration games.
Learn vocabularies in chapter 9-12 from concentration games.
This multiple choice questions are prepared as a study guide for the upcoming test for the book.
These sites are about bullies and includes tips on how to deal with them. There are lists of recommended children books that have a bullying theme, a printable pledge against bullying, and an animated movie. Includes eThemes Resources on several books with this theme.

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