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These sites are about the Alamo and the Mexican-American War. Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the site and view many photos. There are timelines and first-person accounts. Includes information on Sam Houston, Spanish missions, and the Southwest region of the United States.


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This is the official site of the Alamo. Learn about its history and about the people who defended it. Click on "The Alamo in 1836" for a chronology of events. Look at several pictures in the "Virtual Walking Tours."
This site features a history of the event, famous participants, a time-line, first person accounts and frequently asked questions. NOTE: site contains ads about San Antonio.
This is site is dedicated to Sam Houston, Texas' first governor. Learn about Sam's role in the Texas Revolution, answer some trivia questions, and read some of his quotes. Note: This site has links led to external websites.
This site presents the concept of tall tale characters and literary concepts of a tall tale. Historical documents may be viewed and additional sites and resources on the Alamo are provided.
Test your knowledge about Davy Crockett, an American folk hero who served in the Texas revolution and the Battle of the Alamo.
This site explains why America went to war with Mexico. Primary documents and artifacts are available for viewing.
This site has a short animated video discussing the purpose for the war. The Alamo is mentioned as one of the conflicts of this war. Accompanying worksheets are available. Some of the aspects of this site are free, and some are by subscription fee. But educators can register for a free trial subscription.
Read about the impact of the Mexican-American War and how it changed the political landscape of North America. NOTE: The site includes ads.
See pictures of all the flags that were used during the Texas Revolution. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read how each was used.
View exhibits that document the historical development of Texas from Spanish colonization to the present day.
This film about Alamo is created by PBS. Includes teacher's guide, timelines, maps, key people, and more.
Read brief information why Americans remember the Alamo from the library of congress.

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