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Weather: Lightning

Explore these sites and learn how lightning is related to electricity, how it is formed, how many different types of lighting are known, and how the color of the flash can predict the weather conditions. Learn safety tips and first aid. Includes photographs, video files, quizzes, and animation. There are links to eThemes resources for younger students on electrical safety and thunderstorms.


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This site provides information, a website created by a girl struck by lightning, and an experiment. Other weather topics are given.
This link provides information, slideshow of lightning, and a "make lightning strike" interactive. Additional audio and video links are given.
Follow the links under the image of lightning to learn how lightning forms, different types of lightning, and much more.
Learn lightning history and myths, its science, and detection.
Read how lightning forms and click on the "Special Feature: A Cloud-To-Cloud Strike" to view an animated demonstration about how lightning forms and strikes.
Find some tips and topics for teachers to discuss with children in class.
Read this "shocking story" and then take the lightning quiz. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read about the nature of lightning, its types, history, and safety advice. Learn what building in New York was struck the most.
Click on thumbnails to enlarge the images of lightning and read their descriptions.
Try to make an electric lemon.
How do you make your very own lightning? Read this information and find out.
"Central Florida is the lightning capital of the United States." Click on "Lightning Safety - Presentation" for a slide show.
Lightning can be a real hazard for NASA during a launch. Read about the precautions they take.
Look at "Lightning Incidents" and "Personal Lightning Safety." There are also many other topics to choose from.
Visit one of these links: Teacher Tools, Survivor Stories, Success Stories, Lightning Safety Week, and many more.
These are weather-related sites that focus on thunderstorms and lightning. Sites contain explanations, photographs, video, and graphics.
These sites include tips for awareness and prevention of electrical hazards. Students learn how to be safe with electricity inside and outside of their homes. Includes safety tips about lightning and power lines.

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