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Math: Conic Sections

These sites describe conic sections and have interactive graphs and diagrams. There also several hands-on activities.


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Read this encyclopedia article on analytic geometry. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
Read about the man who introduced the mathematical terms to describe conic sections. NOTE: The site includes pop-up ads.
This site discusses the way in which Galileo described the path of a fired missile, a parabola.
Read about the four kinds of conic sections. Explanations include diagrams and equations.
Study the difference between the four types of conic sections using a table and colored diagrams.
Look at the different intersections of a cone.
Study the interactive diagram showing the conic section as the locus of the perpendicular bisector.
Use the parabolic shape to make distilled water from seawater.
This site includes links to Kepler, Newton, and mathematical definitions. Read about the explanation for the Braikenridge-Maclaurin Construction, the geometric construction of a conic section.
This site includes lessons on conic sections, circles, ellipses, parabola, hyperbola, and how to identify these by their equations.

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