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Animals: Farm Animals

Learn about different animals that live on farms, including cows, horses, dogs, cats, and more. Includes many photos, plus audio files of the animal sounds. There are activities, games, and online stories relating to farm life. Includes links to eThemes Resources on dairy farms, chickens, and Missouri animals.


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Learn about farm and wild animals, farm equipment, or what grows on a farm. Includes a coloring book and crossword puzzles. Some pages have audio of the animal sounds.
What animals would you want on your farm? When each animal is selected, it displays a picture with labeled body parts that you can print out and color. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has a listing of dogs that are flock guarders on farms. Select a dog to view a picture and read information about the breed. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and ads.
Learn about chickens on this site written by students.
This site describes the different elements that make up a farm. Browse through the glossary and then try the interactive quiz.
Students can learn important information about cows and dairy products at this site sponsored by the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory. Includes a cow quiz and a dairy quiz.
This is a fun site for helping kids learn more about agriculture and North Carolina's role in agriculture. Click on "Activities" for a coloring book and a quiz.
Learn about this family of farmers in Stanthorne, Cheshire. You can find out about livestock, farm family life, and farm machinery. Click on "Journal" to read about life on the farm.
Watch a video to learn about farm life and animals on the farm.
Kids can click on the pictures to find interesting facts about each animal. There are also online tests, games, and farm-themed lesson plans. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Explore this site to see photos of farm animals. Includes lots of good information and pictures.
This site has activities relating to farm animals. Includes crossworld puzzles and spelling and matching games. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Students can explore "Ag-Knowledge" or "State Ag Facts." You can also take a virtual tour of a dairy farm.
This site has many pages you can print out and use in the classroom. Includes shapes, a Venn diagram and coloring pages. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Explore this site to learn more about this farm. Click on the pictures to go to new pages.
These sites provide an introduction to the dairy industry in Missouri and other states. Topics include milk production and cows. There are also online games, interactive quizzes, and movies. Statistics related to dairy production are included for students to graph.
These sites have many facts about chickens, including their diet, behavior, life cycle, feathers, and breeds. Watch a time-lapse video of a chicken hatching, complete the online jigsaw puzzle, or try one of the many egg activities.
This resource will help students recognize animals in Missouri. Includes an animal from each of the animal groups: mammals, fish, reptiles, insects, and amphibians.
These sites are about Missouri snakes, including Osage copperheads, timber rattlesnakes, bullsnakes, and prairie kingsnakes. Learn about the physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, and behavior of each species. Includes several photographs of these snakes and some charts highlighting the similarities among species.

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