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Learn about architecture around the world including how the St. Louis Gateway Arch was built, Hoover Dam, famous architects, and stories about the people who built them. There are sites with lesson plans on how to teach students to draw floor plans, make blue prints, and draw their own architectural plans. Also included are several pictures of famous structures, lists of architecture books, and glossaries of words.


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Here is a definition of architecture. Click on the links to learn more about architecture from different periods of history. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
This site has information about the construction of the Arch and the architect who designed it. Click on the link and see a slide show of the building of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
This website combines math and architecture. Click on "Floor Plan Your Classroom" for instructions on how to create a floorplan. The "More Architivities" section includes other architecture activities. NOTE: This site includes links to other websites with discussion boards.
This great site for young students has information about what architects do, what building materials can be used, a list of architecture words, and more. There is a link with stories for students about how architects built famous structures.
Read about the architectural structure and history of the famous Hoover Dam.
Here is a biography of the famous architect. Scroll down to the bottom for other articles about him.
This page has information about the architect's life and work. Includes drawings of the floorplans of his buildings. There are lesson plan ideas in the "Resources" section. NOTE: This site links to websites with discussion boards.
Learn about blueprints and how they are used in architecture.
Here is a list of books about architecture that students can read to learn more.
Read about the famous structures, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, their architects and designs, and much more. Includes photographs. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
Here is a definition of a blueprint, one tool that an architect uses when designing a building. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
Read about this American structure and its architects, Charles and Henry Greene.
This site includes lots of information about modern architecture.
Start the tour from the Prehistoric Era all the way to the present times. Click on the book icon to find answers on how to become an architect. Click on the question mark icon to play a trivia. NOTE: The site has a discussion forum.
Read about architectural designs of Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, and Great Pyramids. Play online games and view a timeline to learn when well-known architectural monuments were completed.
Browse through the different architectural periods and learn about styles and famous architects. NOTE: The site links to a site with pop-up ads.
This site has tutorials where kids can learn how to interpret drawings and create architect plans. In the "Article" section kids can learn about famous architects, view historical timeline, photographs of architecture periods, and take quizzes. NOTE: The site has a guestbook.
Here is information about periods of architecture in European countries. Learn about use and selection of various components in architectural design.
This website for younger students explains some basic architectural styles from ancient to medieval times. Click on "Flip Puzzle" for a game.
Click on the links to find out more about Buddhist architecture. Includes photographs and information about how these structures were built. Famous art includes Borobodur Temple, the Buddha image, Hand Mudras, and Tibetan art.
Click on "Explore House," then "Construction" to find out about the architectural features of a Chinese merchant's home from 200 years ago.
Learn about the architecture of several different cultures, including Greek, Roman, and Mayan. Also includes video clips of different architectural structures complete with a quiz on the information.
The site has interactive timeline and world map, photographs and articles about renowned architects. Here kids can learn about architecture and solve online puzzle. NOTE: The site has 3D models that require VRML 2 plug-in. NOTE: The site links to sites with discussion boards and pop-up ads.

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