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Country: Jamaica

Learn all about Jamaica, including its resources, land, customs, government, and more. Listen to reggae music and learn about author Claude McKay. Includes maps, photos, and a short quiz.


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This page provides a look at Jamaica: its population, geography, government, economy, and more. A picture of the flag and a map of the country are included.
Look at an up-close map of Jamaica.
Listen to some reggae music on this site and link to some information on well-known musicians in this genre.
This site has a picture of Jamaica's flag and explains its history. Includes a print out and a quiz to take as well.
Read about Jamaica and its relationship with the U.S. Follow the other links at the left. This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.
This Web site has a great deal of factual information about Jamaica. Topics include the population, education, economy, government, and more. Scroll down to Chapter 2 to begin.
This travel site has basic facts about the country plus information about places to visit and things to do. Also has information about the costs of items.
Scroll through this timeline of important dates in Jamaica's history. Click on the Jamaican flag to read a country profile including an audio clip of the Jamaican national anthem.
Learn all about the different countries of the world. See pictures of a particular country's inhabitants and landscape or read information on its history, culture, and currency.
Learn about the countries in Caribbean. Topics include island information, language, climate, culture, currency, places of interest, resort information, flight Information. There are video clips, photographs, recipes, travel tips, and ideas for classroom activities. There is links to eThemes resource on Jamaica.



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