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Missouri: Prairie Lands

There sites have information about prairie lands in Missouri. Topics include conservation, ecosystem, animals, plants, preservation, geographic locations, and climate conditions of Missouri prairie lands. Includes printable maps and an online game. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Grasslands.


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This PDF includes information on prairies past and present; what's in your grassland; prescription for healthy grasses; seeding for diversity; preparing the site; seeding methods; plant identification; initial care of native plantings; prairie life; managing native grasses and forbs; and improving cool-season grassland for wildlife.
Learn about what prairie is and how it gets to Midwest. Includes information about differences among a prairie remnant, a restoration, and reconstruction. Click "Management' tab to learn more about innovative management techniques for prairie management.
This is the largest protected prairie complex in the Osage Plains. Includes brief information about the habitat, animals, and plants. Scroll down to view a slide show of native plants at the bottom of a page.
This site provides information about types of grasslands, plants, and animals that can be found in the habitat.
Learn more about prairie from an interactive resource, Build-A-Prairie. For more information on terminology, click "Filed Guide to the Prairie". Note: This site has links lead to external websites.
These sites have information about the different types of grassland habitats found throughout the world. Includes savannas, prairies, and steppes. Learn more about the climate and wildlife that are found in these ecosystems. There is also information about grasslands in Missouri and Utah. An eThemes Resource on habitats is included.

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