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Holiday: Earth Day

These sites are about Earth Day. Includes classroom and community activities to celebrate this holiday. Many sites explain how to protect the environment and conserve energy. There are links to eThemes Resources on recycling, pollution, and Arbor Day.


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Find out how to save energy in your home. Click on the room names to find out ways of saving energy in each room.
Learn how to reuse your trash by making a whatsit.
Pick a character and begin playing this online board game about our environment and earth. Clicking your browser's back button will restart the game. NOTE: The site is slow to load.
There are lots of games and activities to download from this page.
Find out if you know how to dispose of different household items by playing this game.
This teacher- and student-created site has games and activities about Earth Day. Includes a list of Earth books and an Earth Day quiz.
Find out how to help the Earth by clicking on the links. Also includes a quiz to test your knowledge of what you should recycle, give to charity, compost, or throw away.
This site has several craft projects. Many of these use recycled materials.
This page contains links to PDF stationary, worksheets, and coloring pages dedicated to Earth Day.
This 12-page PDF file has fun activities and information for students.
This lesson plan helps students learn the importance of taking care of the earth by creating a poster or comic strip. Printable templates are included.
This interactive Shockwave game features Lorax, a Dr. Seuss character. The site also includes a link to more information about the book.
Print out this word search. The word search will open up as a one-page PDF file.
Read the "Earth Magna Charta" by John McConnell, the founder of Earth Day.
This site has games, puzzles, crafts and general interactive activities to help students explore the meaning behind Earth Day
These sites offer ideas and activities for celebrating Arbor Day. Includes information on the history of Arbor Day, plus interactive games, online puzzles, and hands-on crafts. Also includes general information about trees and the products that come from them.
These sites are about different forms of pollution and how it affects our environment. Topics include water quality, acid rain, smog, oil spills, and more. There are online games, classroom activities, and maps.
These sites have information on solid waste, composting, and recycling. Read about how paper and plastic are recycled. Includes online games and classroom project ideas.

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