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Holiday: Mother's Day

Find out how this holiday began and the founders who established it as a yearly celebration in May. There are reading comprehension and math activities that have a Mother’s Day theme. Also includes quizzes, e-cards, certificates, crafts, and games.


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Here are printable sheets and instructions for making crafts for Mother's Day. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has many links to many fun pages on Mother's Day. Includes a coupon book, poems, certificate, and math and writing activities. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here is the history of Mother's Day, information about famous moms and daughters, and a quiz and crossword puzzles. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Take this online quiz that includes questions about your own mother.
This site has sample reading comprehension and math worksheets. NOTE: The answer keys are only available to subscribers.
Use these craft ideas for kids to make heartfelt Mother's Day gifts.
These coupons can be printed and presented to your mom as a gift.
Find out about various ideas to make gifts for your mom on Mother's Day. Note: This site includes ads and pop-ups.
Find out about the founder of Mother's Day, Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis, in the United States.
Learn about an origin of Mother's Day in the United States, when it became official in the United States, and if other countries celebrate Mother's Day. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site provides various poems about Mother's day.
Print out a bookmark's template and color your own bookmark. NOTE: The site includes links that lead to banner ads and pop-up ads.

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