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Literature: "Dear Mr. Henshaw" by Beverly Cleary

These sites are about the book “Dear Mr. Henshaw” by Beverly Cleary. There are several hands-on classroom activities including how to make a lunch box alarm. Students can take online quizzes over vocabulary and events from the book. Includes eThemes Resources on Beverly Cleary and letter writing.


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This matching game tests your knowledge over the characters in the book.
This quiz covers vocabulary from the first part of the book.
This quiz covers the vocabulary words from these pages.
Take this quiz to see how much you remember from the book.
This page has links to Word document questions about sections of the book and its characters. Follow the After Reading activities to play a Jeopardy game.
This is a list of topics to discuss while reading this book.
Take this quiz over the book and learn how to write friendly letters.
This page has a list of activities created by a teacher to use with the book.
This is a three-page PDF file of a book report form.
Take a quiz after reading to find out how much you know about the story.
These sites are about author Beverly Cleary and her life of writing. Includes eThemes Resources on her books "Ramona and Her Father","Dear Mr. Henshaw", "Ralph S. Mouse", "The Mouse and the Motorcycle", "Ramona the Brave", "Dear Mr. Henshaw", and "Henry and Ribsy".
This eThemes Resource provides examples of friendly and business letters. Includes explanations on the different parts of letters and general writing tips. Also covers thank you notes and how to address envelopes. Includes an interactive quiz and a Powerpoint presentation.

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