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Grammar: Spelling

These sites include many interactive spelling games that are fun for the SMARTboard. Also includes lists of common spelling rules and tips on helping students learn to spell.


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Try these interactive activities listed by grade level.
Learn the spelling rules through songs. At the bottom, click on the appropriate link to hear children sing the words. Note: This site includes banner ads.
See if you can help Scramble Saurus by unscrambling the words. Level of difficulty can be chosen.
Find the misspelled words and correct them in this game. Choose between the easy and hard levels.
Can you figure out which word in the sentence is spelled wrong in this game? There is a beginner and intermediate levels.
Try to spell some common words for animals, clothes, things we eat, and more. Click on "Games" and read the instructions before starting. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This page offers suggestions on how to practice spelling words.
A series of interactive games test your knowledge of short vowels, long vowels, blends, diagraphs, other vowels, and plurals. NOTE: You will see a blank white page upon entering the site. Scroll down to view content. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Create your own puzzle by entering your spelling words. The puzzle can then be printed out and completed. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Site covers many spelling rules and has several quizzes at the end. The rules are also available in a Powerpoint presentation that you view through your browser.
Choose a level and a cycle, click "Go," and then complete the spelling activity. Teachers can click on "Ask the Expert" for spelling tips from a literacy educator. To find more spelling activities, click on the "More Hands-on Spelling Activities".
Practice spelling skills with this game. Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
This spelling match game has different grade levels and spelling units to choose from.
This page provides a list of various ideas to teach about spelling to K-12 in fun ways.

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