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Literature: "The Cat Who Went to Heaven" by Elizabeth Coatsworth

These sites have information and activities relating to the book “The Cat Who Went to Heaven.” Also includes an eThemes Resource about Japan, which is the setting for the book, and another eThemes Resource about cats.


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Read this biography about author Elizabeth Coatsworth. Includes excerpts of her work.
The study guide includes an overview, information about the author, setting, themes and characters, literary qualities, social sensitivity, topics for discussion, and ideas for reports and papers. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Here are reviews of the book written by students.
Here is a short article about the Newberry Medal, and a list of winners since 1922. "The Cat Who Went to Heaven" won the medal in 1931.
Here is a lesson plan and project ideas that can be used with a Newberry Award winning novel, such as "The Cat Who Went to Heaven."
Read the story of the life of the Buddha, one of the themes of the book.
Here is a very complete introduction to the life of teh Buddha. NOTE: The reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
Learn Buddhist morals from these tales, or Jataka Stories.
These websites are about cats. Find out how long people have been keeping cats as pets, how pet cats are different from wild cats, how to take care of a cat, and learn about the different kinds of cats. There are printable handouts, video clips, animations, and more.
These sites have information about Japan's history, geography, language, education, and culture. Includes maps, many photos, and live views from Webcams.
These sites are about the world religion of Buddhism. Included are sites which include information on Buddhist scriptures, beliefs, sects, history, art, literature, and more. Also includes links to a video about the Buddha, an eBook version and audio recording of "The Dhammapada", lesson plans, a study guide, and the eThemes Resource on Hermann Hesse's novel "Siddhartha".

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