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Literature Awards: Pura Belpre Medal 2004

Learn about the Pura Belpre Medal and Honor Books for 2004. The award is for books written and illustrated by Latino authors and illustrators. The sites include reviews, excerpts, lesson plans, and activities for the books, as well as interviews and biographies of the authors and illustrators. There are links to eThemes Resources on other major literature awards.


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Read this biography of librarian Pura Belpre and learn about the literary award that is named after her.
Read about past Medal Books and Honor Books. Click on "Terms & Criteria" to find out how a book is chosen for this award.
Read an excerpt from the 2004 Narrative Honor book. Click on "Read a Review" to find out what a teen has to say about the book. Click on "Nancy Osa" to learn more about the author.
Find out more about the author and her Honor Book "Cuba 15."
Here are reviews for the 2004 Illustration Honor Book, plus a list of awards that it has won.
Read about the illustrator of the Honor Book "The Pot that Juan Built." Click on "Interview Transcript" to read an interview with Diaz.
Read about the illustrator of the Honor Book "First Day in Grapes."
Here is a brief biography of the author, summaries of her books, and discussion questions about the characters, settings, and themes of her books.
Read an interview with Pam Munoz Ryan about the book.
Here is an excerpt from this Medal Book. Click on "Reader's Guide" for discussion questions.
Here is a synopsis of the book, a short biography of its author, and several in-depth discussion questions to guide your reading.
Read the transcript to this conversation with Julia Alvarez on her book "Before We Were Free."
Read a biography of this author, who wrote the 2006 award winning book "The Tequila Worm." This is a two-page PDF file.
You can look inside the book on this website.
Here is a biography of this award winning author and illustrator. This is a two-page PDF file.
Read historical background on the novel and an interview with the author. This is a five-page PDF file.
Use these questions to guide your reading of the book. This is a one-page PDF file.
These sites are about the Caldecott Medal books for 2004. The Caldecott Medal is awarded to outstanding picture books. Includes information about the authors and illustrators, lesson plans, reviews, pictures, and excerpts from the books.
These sites are about the Newbery Award, which is the world's oldest children's book award. Learn about the winning books for 2004. Includes author biographies, reviews, excerpts, and lesson plans.
Learn about the Coretta Scott King Awards, which recognize outstanding African American authors and illustrators of children's literature. Includes biographies about the people who won the awards for 2004, plus information about the books.

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