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Missouri: Government

These sites are about Missouri’s state government and include specific information about Missouri’s elected officials such as the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor, and more. Listen to live audio of the Senate and House of Representatives when they are in session or take a virtual tour of the governor’s mansion. Watch a short Missouri Heritage video about the state’s first capital and governor. There are links to eThemes Resources related to U.S. government and constitutions.


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Scroll down the list of videos and click on "A State is Born" to learn about the forming of Missouri as a state and its first governor. Also includes information about St. Charles, the first capital of Missouri. Requires RealPlayer.
Click on the links to learn more about each area of government and responsibilities of each elected officials.
Learn the difference between national and state government on this website.
Take this virtual tour of the governor's mansion in Jefferson City, Missouri.
This twenty-one page PDF file was designed to help teach elementary students about citizenship and Missouri's state government. Includes descriptions of the duties of elected government officials.
Learn about the Missouri House of Representatives. Click on the links to find out more about state bills and who is in the House. You can also hear live debates when the House is in session.
Read about Jay Nixon, Missouri's state governor. Watch a video of his State of the State address or read a biography. Click on "Contact Information" to send Governor Nixon an email.
Read the lieutenant governor's biography and learn about the specific areas he is responsible for.
Read about attorney general Chris Koster and his responsibilities in office.
Learn about the secretary of state and some of the areas she is responsible for.
This 2001-2002 official manual has information about the different branches of the Missouri state government. Also includes the Missouri Almanac, which has information about state symbols.
This resource includes facts about Missouri including symbols, history, and fun trivia. Included are online quizzes, virtual tours, and printable coloring pages. Two WebQuests on Missouri are also linked. eThemes Resources on Missouri immigrants, landforms, famous people, and the flag are referenced.
These sites focus on the rights and responsibilities of members of society. There are links to several related government eThemes.
These sites list the duties of mayors for different cities. Includes information about having a classroom election. There are voter registration cards, ballots, graphic organizers, and more.
These sites cover the history of the Constitution of the United States. Includes information about the Constitution's signers and the Articles of Confederation, a document that some consider the original constitution. Classroom activity ideas are included. There are links to eThemes Resources on the branches of government and the Bill of Rights.

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