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Physics: Water-Bottle Rockets

The following sites can help students understand how physics laws create motion and propel rockets. Learn about rocketry and how to build water-bottle rockets. These sites include lesson plans, activities, rocket launchers simulators, photographs, animations, and video.


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This short biography of Robert Goddard, inventor of the first rockets, contains interesting facts from his life and work.
Learn here why a water-bottle rocket flies and how force and energy work together.
Calculate performance of a rocket using this simulator. Enter numbers for weight of a rocket's cone, body, and tail, include amount of water and pressure, then "Launch Rocket!"
Learn what part gravity has to play in rocket's motion. Scroll down the page and go to the "Next Stop" to read about the first rockets and their creators. Pay attention to questions asked at the bottom of each page and find answers to many questions including rocket design.
This paper pop rocket can be easily built by kids of all ages. This example can teach kids how this type of rocket works and give some ideas for building their own rockets.
Here is an online water rocket simulation created by a rocketry enthusiast. In the "My Rockets" section, on the left side of the page, select links to different rocket models. Includes images and movies.
Learn here how to build a water rocket. Includes instructions, photographs, and schematics drawings.
This three-page PDF file provides instructions on how to build a water bottle rocket. Includes list of needed materials and illustrated with drawings.
Find answers and tips on how to make good water-bottle rockets. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
This two-page PDF file has instructions how to build a water-bottle launcher.
This workshop can help students understand the importance of different parts of a rocket needed for successful flight. Learn how to choose the right bottle, make a propulsor, nose cone, and parachute.
This site is dedicated to building and launching water-bottle rockets. Follow links on the left frame to learn about rocketry principles, fins, security, and recovery. Includes drawings and photographs.
This site is a good source for teachers. It includes articles about rocketry, additional related literature, lesson plans, and links to other useful for teacher's web sites.

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