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Safety Signs

These sites are about safety signs such as traffic signs, safety, caution, and ADA approve signs. There are interactive games, lesson plans and activities, coloring pages, photographs of signs on the street.


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Print out this page, color signs, and match them with the words. Note: This site includes ads.
Learn here how to recognize signs by their shapes. Click on links to view the actual signs.
This lesson plan is designed to help kids learn about the safety signs and be familiar with them. The "I see a Sign" book by Lars Clove is required for this lesson.
Follow links to find caution, danger, and safety signs. Scroll down page and select the "More Safety Signs & Notices" for templates that can be used for class activities.
Find street signs and learn their meaning.
This site has photographs of many signs that kids can see on the road.
Click on any sign thumbnail to enlarge and print image. Use the "Diamond Signs Home Page" link to view other caution signs.
These are instructions to an activity that can help kids to learn and recognize safety signs before they can read.
This commercial site has more ADA approved signs.
Learn about meaning of standard colors used in traffic signs.
Test the how much you know about street signs. You can type meaning of each sign and print out your answer with pictures of the signs.
Match descriptions with correct street signs.



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