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Model United Nations Preparation

These sites feature tips and resources on Model United Nations Preparation. Information about UN roles in peacekeeping, peacekeeping operations and missions, rules of engagement, and UN charter are included.


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Help prepare your students for Model United Nations using the UNA-USA Model UN homepage; includes links to getting started with Model UN 101; a global classroom curriculum; and information regarding conferences and events.
This site puts together resources for teachers and students who are preparing their school for Model UN conferences. NOTE: Site contains a Guestbook.
This is an official site of the United Nations Peacekeeping which provides updated information on current and past operations. Photos and video clips of past operations are included.
This site provides a quick summary of UN Peacekeeping Missions. NOTE: This site has a link that leads to a discussion board.
This site includes the charter that is the major guidance for all operations of the United Nation. Chapter VI and VII are related to the peacemaking mission.
Read about the United Nations and the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence on this UNESCO website.
These sites give a brief overview of the history of the United Nations, the countries that make up the member states, its structure and organization, the workings of the General Assembly, and information about how to write resolutions that would be UN appropriate in content and structure. Sample resolutions are included. There is a link to the eThemes Resource: Model United Nations Preparation.

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