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Solar System: Jupiter

Learn about the largest planet in our solar system – Jupiter. Read about the Great Red Spot on the planet’s surface, about white ovals, storms and winds on the planet. Learn about four Galilean satellites and their geological composition. The following sites offer quizzes, puzzles, color pages, photographs and movies. Also Included are eThemes Resources on Rotation, Revolution, and the Universe.


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Read about the gas giant and find out why Jupiter doesn't have seasons, how many space missions have visited the planet, and what happened on Jupiter when a comet hit it. Take a quiz, solve a puzzle, and color the planet on the color page.
Watch the movie about Jupiter then take a quiz.
Learn facts about Jupiter on this easy to read web site.
Read and listen to audio about Jupiter's atmosphere and storms on its surface. Switch to Level 2 to learn more about the planet and click on Jupiter's photo to enlarge it.
Read, listen to audio, and view photographs about Jupiter, its storms, magnetosphere, moons and their geological composition.
Learn what causes Jupiter's bright colors, about speed of planet's winds, and Great Red Spot. Watch a movie about Jupiter and click on link "Find out where you can see Jupiter in the sky this month".
Print out the page and color Jupiter.
Print out the page and find words related to Jupiter and its moons. Complete with an answer key.
View photographs of Jupiter, its rings and satellites.
These sites demonstrate rotation, revolution, and the orbit of planets and moons in our solar system. Includes information about day/night cycles, rotational periods, constellations, moon phases, and telling time. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Earth's Moon and Planets.
These sites have information about the universe, the Milky Way, and other galaxies. Learn about the different types of galaxies. View photographs taken from space, listen to audio files of experts, and play interactive games.

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