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Solar System: Mercury

Learn about the first planet from the sun – Mercury. Find out about its orbit and rotation period. Read about its size, geological composition, atmosphere and magnitude. Learn about Marine 10 mission to the planet and view photos sent by the spacecraft. These web sites contain images and animations, quizzes, coloring pages and worksheets. Also included are eThemes Resources on Rotation, Revolution, and the Universe.


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This extensive site provides facts, additional links, Messenger information, and interactive activities about Mercury.
This interactive activity introduces students to the Messenger Mission to Mercury.
Use this writing activity with students to create a proposal of what type of instruments will be necessary on the Mission to Mercury.
This site introduces students to the planet Mercury and provides information for them to understand the planet's composition, geology, and other important aspects. Hand-outs, additional extension links, and discussion questions are given.
Use this brief video to learn more about the closest planet to the sun, Mercury.
Find out why the planet was named after Roman winged messenger god. Select "Show me the Level 2 version of this page" link to learn more about Mercury.
Read quick facts about Mercury, its name, surface and atmosphere.
Get ready to go on journey to Mercury! Read about the planet and view the movie to be prepared for the trip. Follow the link to find out where to find Mercury in the sky this month.
View photos of Mercury's surface and listen to the narration.
Build a model of a spacecraft which mission is to go to Mercury. Use model parts provided on this page. This link downloads a four-page PDF document.
These sites demonstrate rotation, revolution, and the orbit of planets and moons in our solar system. Includes information about day/night cycles, rotational periods, constellations, moon phases, and telling time. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Earth's Moon and Planets.
These sites have information about the universe, the Milky Way, and other galaxies. Learn about the different types of galaxies. View photographs taken from space, listen to audio files of experts, and play interactive games.

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