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Solar System: Neptune

Learn about Neptune, the fourth largest planet in our solar system. Topics include its geological composition, gravity, satellites, and rings. Read about the strong storms that take place on this bright blue planet. Includes video and audio files.


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Watch an animated movie about Neptune and learn about giant storms and the fate of Triton, the planet's moon. Includes a quiz.
Learn about the planet's discovery, its size, gravity, orbit, and distance from the sun. Scroll down for links to a puzzle and a quiz.
Read some interesting facts about Neptune and listen to the audio. Click on the buttons "The Facts" and "Did You Know?" to learn more about the planet and its moons. For a more difficult reading level, choose level 2.
Learn about Neptune's largest moon.
Print out this page and find hidden words related to Neptune.
Follow the links to learn about the planet, its satellites, and Voyager's mission. The site includes photographs and illustrations.
Explore this site to learn about Neptune's interior, surface, atmosphere, and more.
View photographs of the planet and its moon. Click on "Caption" to read about each image.
Click on the thumbnails to see enlarged images of the planet and its satellites. Click on the text links for more information about the planet and its moons.

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